Parenting and Family Engagement

Parenting and Family Engagement 

Parenting in a trauma-informed manner is a challenging feat, especially since most people parent the way they were parented.  Using the tenets of the positive parenting movement, these sessions focus on being sensitive to children's individual needs and addressing the typical developmental challenges that arise in childhood with empathy and respect.  Using brain-based strategies, the positive parenting movement integrates a paradigm shift which examines the meaning behind a child's behavior, rather than taking it personally.  Additionally, it emphasizes the use of a growth mindset,  validating the importance of grit, persistence, and effort, as well as a sense of agency.  Once parents and families are empowered with these skills, engaging them as partners is less daunting and more attainable.  Courses offered under the trauma informed umbrella are:

The Impact of IPV on Children

Partnering With Parents

Promoting Positive Parenting Practices

One Kind Word

Raising Happy and Successful Children

Teaching Empathy